Chile: Ends of the Earth

History repeats itself as Scott and Justin push as far south as they can go.


Season 2
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
  • Departures S01 E01 - Canada: Ocean to Ocean

    Friends Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach explore their own country - Canada - before they drop everything to travel the world for a year.

  • Departures S01 E02 - Jordan

    Scott and Justin travel to Jordan to attend their friend Ibrahim’s wedding, but first decide to explore all the beauty and ancient history that surrounds them.

  • Departures S01 E03 - India: Holy…

    Scott and Justin meet up with their friend Monica to take a grueling train ride to the desert. Then to Varanasi, to witness the everyday mayhem and discover the depth of India’s culture and religions before flying to New Delhi in time for the Diwali celebration.

  • Departures S01 E04 - India: Quest For Himalayas

    Scott and Justin travel through the more untouched parts of India, a quest which takes them to the highest mountains in the world and challenges them both to their utmost limits.

  • Departures S01 E05 - Ascension Island

    In the middle of the South Atlantic, Ascension Island proves to be too isolated for Justin as he deals with problems at home and major communication issues on the island.

  • Departures S01 E06 - Japan: The Future

    While navigating the extensive train systems in Japan, Scott manages to get them to the South.  Meanwhile, Justin struggles with language barriers and very different food. Things settle when they leave the city behind to find the more natural side.

  • Departures S01 E07 - Japan: The Past

    Continuing in Japan, Scott and Justin search for the natural side of the country and discover that they may have taken for granted their decision to drop everything.

  • Departures S01 E08 - Cook Islands

    In the Cook Islands, Scott’s commitment to the trip is tested while Justin’s learns to live off the land - until his love for animals is challenged while on a traditional pig hunt.

  • Departures S01 E09 - New Zealand: Risks & Rewards

    Adventure in New Zealand does not come without consequences especially when Scott and Justin meet up with their “larger than life” kiwi friend Ellis.

  • Departures S01 E10 - New Zealand: Untouched

    Christmas and uninhabited landscape in New Zealand reminds Scott and Justin of how long they’ve been on the road and of family they miss at home.

  • Departures S01 E11 - Thailand

    Nearing the end of the trip, Scott and Justin fly to Thailand looking for unique experiences outside of the traditional tourist stops.

  • Departures S01 E12 - Cambodia

    Scott and Justin meet up with their friend Sarorn to see the real Cambodia. The guys find new purpose with their travels and commit to another year-long trip.

  • Departures S01 E13 - Canada: Pushing North

    A year out, Scott and Justin return to Canada and decide they need one more challenge. An epic adventure which takes them from Vancouver and up North to the end of the road.

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