Every animal in Antarctica answers the call of the seasons, and the continent itself is vastly different in Summer and Winter.

Wildest Places

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  • Wildest Places S03 E01 - Outback Deserts

    Australia’s vast interior is dry: nearly a fifth is classified as desert. With little rainfall and temperatures soaring above 50 degrees Celsius, it’s an unrelenting habitat. But these arid areas are also surprisingly varied, and can be breathtakingly spectacular.

  • Wildest Places S03 E02 - Rainforests

    Some of the world’s most ancient and ecologically diverse rainforests are in Australia: from the oldest tropical rainforest on earth, North Queensland’s Daintree, to the stunning central highlands of Tasmania in the far south.

  • Wildest Places S03 E03 - Bush

    Australia’s semi-coastal interior is vastly referred to as ‘the bush’. These forested tracts are lush and varied, coloured by extraordinary landscapes and wildlife found nowhere else on the planet.

  • Wildest Places S03 E04 - Coast

    Australia has more than 35,000 kilometers of coastline. From broad, sandy beaches to towering cliffs and mangrove swamps, Australia’s coast can be a strange mix of soil and sea; rainforest and reef.

  • Wildest Places S02 E01 - Currents

    Hundreds of millions of years of volcanic activity, isolation and powerful currents have shaped Antarctica and its surrounding islands into varied and fascinating terrains.

  • Wildest Places S02 E02 - Seasons

    Every animal in Antarctica answers the call of the seasons, and the continent itself is vastly different in Summer and Winter.

  • Wildest Places S02 E03 - Connected Continents

    Antarctica was once the centre of the ancient southern supercontinent, Gondwana. Traces of these connections remain throughout the southern hemisphere today: in plants and marine species with similarities that have long-ago changed and adapted to the environment around them.

  • Wildest Places S02 E04 - Icy Islands

    When it’s time to haul ashore for breeding, mating and raising young, marine mammals return from the Antarctic Peninsula to island beaches in the middle of the South Atlantic oceans.

  • Wildest Places S01 E01 - Bays

    The calm azure waters of the Coral Triangle are fringed with jungle, coconut trees and mangroves. Centuries of seismic activity have lined these bays with volcanic ash and mud. Rather than smothering life, these ‘muck zones’ have borne some of the marine world’s most bizarre adaptations.

  • Wildest Places S01 E02 - Reefs

    This episode looks at the various habitats and areas of a coral reef, and how each zone within this extremely complex and delicately balanced ecosystem houses life forms that adapt in unique ways.

  • Wildest Places S01 E03 - Barrier Reefs

    Off the east coast of Australia lies the world’s largest living structure – the Great Barrier Reef, which is home to curious residents and seasonal visitors.

  • Wildest Places S01 E04 - Islands

    There are 25,000 islands in the vast Pacific Ocean. From palm-lined pristine white beaches to cold rocky outcrops, each one fosters its own ecology with unique rules and behaviours.

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