Central Thailand

Donna travels to Thailand for a 3-part production of "andiamo!". In this episode, Bangkok and Hua Hin are highlighted with a great deal of culture, cuisine, a Muay Thai boxing match and more!

Andiamo! Uptown

Season 1
Season 1
  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E01 - Jungfrau & Interlaken, Switzerland

    Donna will experience Canyoning, Jetboating, Snow Sledding, a unique Zip-Line adventure and so much more in one of Switzerland's most idyllic regions.

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E02 - Zurich, Switzerland

    Donna visits Europe's undisputed capital of financial wealth where she will enjoy the history, culture, cuisine and high-end shopping of this extremely clean and cosmopolitan city.

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E03 - Phuket, Thailand with Cobi Jones

    Soccer legend Cobi Jones joins Donna and her daughter for fun and adventure in Phuket, Thailand!

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E04 - Negril, Jamaica with Affion Crockett

    Donna and celebrity comedian Affion Crockett explore the adventure, cuisine, culture of Negril, Jamaica - as well as an AMAZING all-inclusive luxury resort!

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E05 - Napa Valley, California

    Donna visits California's Napa Valley where she will experience some of the great wines of the region and some of its unique offerings.

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E06 - Central Thailand

    Donna travels to Thailand for a 3-part production of "andiamo!". In this episode, Bangkok and Hua Hin are highlighted with a great deal of culture, cuisine, a Muay Thai boxing match and more!

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E07 - Northern Thailand

    Donna travels to Thailand for a 3-part production of "andiamo!". In this episode, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai are highlighted along with a great deal of culture, cuisine and more!

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E08 - Southern Thailand

    Donna travels to Thailand for a 3-part production of "andiamo!". In this episode, Phuket, Koh Samui and Surat Thani are highlighted along with a great deal of culture, an amazing cuisine interaction with an esteemed member of the Thai Royal Family and more!

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E09 - Walt Disney World Resort

    Donna enjoys the fun, luxury and adventure of the Walt Disney World Resort. While there, she will explore the vast variety of Walt Disney World's Resort Collection including the Cinderella Castle suite, ride shotgun in a real race car as well as play volleyball with Goofy!!!

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E10 - Disney Cruise Line

    Donna experiences the luxury and family-friendliness of Disney Cruise Line's, Disney Wonder. While aboard, she experiences a unique balcony spa treatment, a cooking demonstration with the Disney Wonder's Executive Chef as well as enjoying a first in the cruising industry, a fireworks show on the high seas - all done in grand Disney style!!!

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E11 - Quebec City, Canada

    Back to the snow Donna goes - but this time, she explores North America's oldest city and experiences local culture & cuisine as well as the city's most renowned hotel. PLUS - she'll visit the Ice Hotel!

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E12 - Ocho Rios, Jamaica

    Donna visits Ocho Rios, Jamaica and will explore the history, amazing culture, adventure and an amazing family focused resort. She'll also highlight a wonderful Jam-Italian fusion restaurant that is a MUST when visiting Ocho Rios!

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E13 - Montego Bay, Jamaica

    Donna visits Montego Bay & Negril where she will continue her exploration of Jamaica. In this episode, the Rose Hall Great House and its mysterious past are highlighted as well as Cliff Diving and Zip Lining. In addition, Donna will take a tour of the beautiful Half Moon Resort where she will learn more about her accommodations as well as learn how to golf and swim with a horse!

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E14 - Montreal, Canada

    Donna visits Montreal and will explore some of the great Quebecois cultural and epicurean wonders of this amazing metropolitan city. In addition she will try jet boating as well as learn more about why Montreal the unofficial "world headquarters" for the circus arts.

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E15 - Catalina Island, California

    In this episode, Donna journey's to one of California's most unique islands for some horseback riding, history, art and a bevy of food!

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E16 - Jasper & Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Part 1

    There's so much snow in this episode and Donna enjoys it to the fullest! From snow-biking to ice walking to staying at a world-renowned resort, you will enjoy winter offerings in more ways than you can imagine - which is why this episode is a "two-parter!"

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E17 - Jasper & Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Part 2

    As a continuation from Part 1, Donna enjoys some very fresh food and crafts at a local farmer's market, tries out snowshoeing and even learns how to ski!

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E18 - Santa Barbara, California

    Donna visits America's Rivera and will learn how to surf, stays at an award- winning resort and enjoys a dinner at a restaurant that uses organic local ingredients.

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E19 - Seville

    Donna visits the south of Spain for some very unique culture & history, Flamenco dancing, fan painting as well as being kidnapped by some Bandoleros!!!

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E20 - Royal Caribbean Adventure Of The Seas Part 1

    In this two-part episode, Donna cruises the Southern Caribbean aboard Royal Caribbean's "Adventure of the Seas" where she'll climb a rock wall, zip-line in St. Maarten, learn what it's like to be a captain of a cruise ship and much more.

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E21 - Royal Caribbean Adventure Of The Seas Part 2

    In this continuation episode, Donna basks in the ships spa, takes a Yoga class, visits the engine room, displays some ice skating skills on- board "Adventure of the Seas" as well as exploring Antigua and Barbados.

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E22 - Royal Caribbean Liberty Of The Seas

    Donna sails on one of the world's largest cruise ships, Royal Caribbean International's "Liberty of the Seas." She will explore all of the unique onboard offerings including boxing & surfing on the high seas as well as parasailing on the shores of Royal Caribbean's private island, Labadee.

  • Andiamo! UPTOWN S01 E23 - Singapore

    Donna visits one of the greatest jewels of Asia. She will experience various cultures, unique cuisines, acrobat training, exploring the fine art of tea as well as receiving foot therapy from fish!!!

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